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by on Jul 6, 2021 - 2 min read
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Are you tired of waking up 4am, beating traffic by 5am, strictly having 30minutes break and coming back home 9pm? Do you need flexibility while working? If yes, this article is for you. Remote and freelance jobs give individuals the flexibility to work from home and manage personal schedules. Either as a graphic designer, content writer, business consultant, web designer, IT expert or financial consultant, you can work for local and international clients in the comfort of your house.

We have compiled a list of top sites for remote and freelancing jobs. These are free sites with opportunity to upgrade to paid membership, if you wish. We advise you make further research on the remote job site of your job. Read the project description carefully and submit a good and professional proposal

  1. FlexJobs -

  2. JustRemote -

  3. We Work Remotely -

  4. -

  5. Virtual Vocations -

  6. Freelancer -

  7. Stack Overflow -

  8. Landing Jobs -

  9. Dribbble -

  10. PowerToFly -

  11. Upwork -

  12. Fiverr -


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