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The most common and annoying question have been asked from decades is “Tell Me About Yourself “from an admission in primary standard to secondary standard and later during college interview or job interview the question is same.

Going for a job interview is a big day and quiet full of nervousness and anxiety but one should keep calm and cool. Recall all your academic and professional experiences and subtle those in your mind to face interview question tell me about yourself. It’s often the difficult question to answer saying exactly about ourselves, leaving job seekers wondering about what to reply.

Tell me about yourself sounds to be as a very easy question but nature of the question is uncertain leaving one hesitant, ignorant, and unsure.

It’s best to be prepared rather than behaving overconfident so here are some tips to nail down this question.

Keep the reply short and simple

Your reply to the interviewer must be short as per the need of time, you need not to go on and on for 10 minutes talking about yourself. Zone in yourself with important facts and points about your academics and professional profile few personal figures are also suggestive but don’t cook your whole life story as that’s not the right place and time for that.

Don’t be over-pouring

Companies askthis question tell me aboutyourself to understand and know yourcapacity beyond your educational history so always be ready with a prepared answer and to be back adapting interview

Do not recapitulate your reply

While giving an interview do not recapitulate or repeat same answer again and again to land on next reply, this reflects your distress nerves and creates a false impression on your interviewer.

Be prepared for multiple backlashes.

Hiring managers are well trained and they may fire multiple questionsto dig out deeper from your abilities and qualifications. Be focused to key points and don’t be vague, hiring manager’s test your capability of receiving and understanding multiple task and orders.

One must sound confident and appropriate about your facts, Understand the company’s need and be focused around that zone. Pick something that you are looking for tell them about your leadership abilities, explain in short “why” of your job changes, it’s good to show about your logical decision making power abilities.

A good interview isa dialogue, not a monologue, keep it positive and concise.

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