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Maybe it was me, or maybe it wasn’t me….wait when I tell you the story you will be able to decide. It wasn’t a moon light kiss story, it wasn’t that our eyes met and other shitty love story like that. we started as friends and slowly he became my sarcastic ass best friend of guy, we would jonze all the lovers wed see on our long walks to the canteen area and trust me eh people in unn fall in love easily and it disgusted us. For months in a semester, he was my buddy/ drinking partner, essentially. We attended all the parties and went on the craziest adventures together. For me our friendship was a match made in heaven, first he was my kind of guy and I could finally friend zone a guy in peace. Fastfoward to the holiday…..and you know what happens to a guy you friendzone, we just stopped talking. I didn’t bother much, it didn’t occur to me that I really liked him then anyway. and then we came back and off our friendship went again, the drinks, the books , the poems, the stupid song collabos, the food, especially the food. One really weird Friday night, while we were eating, he went on to open up to me about a girl he liked, I mean we talk about our heartbreaks and stuff but this got to me like……dude aint I enough already?. He liked her, he thought I wasn’t a love person… inner bollywood freak was doing cartwheels when I saw him. I couldn’t have him, I wasn’t going to let him see as one of those girls……so I listened and chipped in some really good advise (curse my miss goody twoo shoes nature) long story short, he got her and even though he didn’t ask me to leave , I did because I don’t share, friend zoned or not, my man is my man. So maybe it was me, or maybe it wasn’t…….but that’s how we actually met, but did not meet.

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