THE WAY FORWARD;solemn thoughts of a Nigerian girl

by on Sep 30, 2017 - 4 min read
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                              THE  WAY FORWARD

                        solemn thoughts of a Nigerian girl
Every  morning I get up, like every well meaning Nigerian, the first thing on my mind apart from my daily prayers to God Almighty, is work or rather what added income would bring something better.That is the mind of every average Nigerian looking for how to better their lives and move forward.Life goes on.
Speaking of moving forward, it always so wonderful when a body, a group, a team or a nation so decides to move on to goals or futuristic plans that will bring about profits and a better lifestyle and way of doing things.An idea is born.The passion and drive to see this come to pass,comes next.And who better than the master planners and team players? however for their idea to be born, it needs a number of resources, support and more teamplayers. The idea gains more players who join hands in support to bring it to life.A dream, an idea is brought to life.
For so long our country NIGERIA , has been dreaming and though many of her dreams have long come to pass, some lay stagnant or should I be bold to say, have simply 'vanished'or 'dashed away'? She had longed dreamed of her independence and fought towards it, today she is;She had longed thought of how to live in unity amidst conflict, She achieved it;She had longed dreamt of standing on her own, provide for herself, and even market herself to her neighbours and others far and wide.She has done that;She has endeavoured to stand out , to be looked upon as a giant amonist others, a queen who leads and a pacesetters for others.That ,NIGERIA is today and more.But I know some may say now, such a naive girl, doesn't even know what she is going on about .yeah.after all, it's just my thoughts.however am not done yet.
All those dreams, Nigeria has achieved, BT not all by her own strength and prowess, indeed she has been the person to put In pressure and then with the support of others, pushed the cart all tthe way.Sadly the dreams of yesteryears which have helped it's citizens tremendously and brought them all way here and which has progressed far ,instead it seems the very seams of those past dreams seem to be tearing and at a dangerously fast rate.Our independence has given birth to conflicts, fights, wars and cultural, ethnic and religious violence and the battle for leadership;Our economy drastically declining and hiking up the prices of so-before-available essentials,the depreciation of the nigerian currency, allegations of embezzlement and corruption cases amongst Nigerian statesmen and political leaders, and not to mention the gradual meltdown of the economy being made more frightening by the heavy debts owed by the governments.; The monopolised attention given sorely to the black diamond and it's rapid growing success, which has gradually started spiriling down amidst so much states of tension and crisis.And despite that , we still are talking of a way forward, looking into the future, and planning for a better Nigeria.With another memorious Independence day is just by the corner,Pray tell, Nigeria, is it through this pitfalls and potholes that we would make it forward to the future promised land? Are we really ready for the the tomorrow's Nigeria? Even when God was leading the isrealites to the  promised land, he had to pause everytime to address all flaws and problems, all because HE wanted a better tomorrow for them.All I want as a citizen of this beautiful land is to see that we tackle the problems of this ailing country, one at a time , as we plan the way forward to a brighter tomorrow to which every Nigerian would wake to a promising , hopeful and a better day.Then maybe, just maybe, we would be able to work out that 'way forward'.Like I said , SOLEMN THOUGHTS.good day Nigeria. 


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