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Is there really perfection? Is there any possibility of achieving 100%? Is there such thing as being satisfied with what you know and using it to survive in life?

The quest for perfection has led many to reaching new heights, breaking old bonds, losing companionship, gaining fierce rivals and sometimes melancholy.

This is a story about Stacey.

From her elementary school, it has always been about being the first. She returns from school, when other kids are trying to learn visually or through interaction with other kids, Stacey is locked up in her room studying.

Stacey grew up with the mentality that she has to be the “one” to make things happen, so therefore, she has to be the most celebrated personality over anything and everything.

Stacey graduated from college with a distinction in Biological Engineering but not as the best graduating student. To whoever won that prize, she didn’t acknowledge such person because she felt she was the one “most deserving” of the prize.

Even when she was honoured by her College Dean, congratulating her about her feat in her academics, it didn’t sink into her because of what use was the compliment if she wasn’t the one who was the best graduating student?

Prior to gaining full employment, for every job she hoped to apply for, there was her reading all about it whether it was in-line with her field of study in school or not.

This was something bigger than DETERMINATION; it was the quest for being perfect. Stacey got a job with a stock broking firm as an executive. At her interview, the company almost assumed her to be the next Group Head but considering she just finished her college studies, it was only proper to start her at the junior level.

In no time, all the accolades at work were Stacey’s. Even in a team of colleagues working on the same project, she made sure she was the “star”.

In less than three (3) years, Stacey had become something one may say is bigger than the firm and they had to give her another role to head a new branch.

While all this was happening, Stacey barely knew anything about life with respect to interaction with people, she was so well programmed that all that mattered to her was not failing on a single project and gaining more status…

Let’s take a pause and ask what is it really about the quest for perfection?
  • Sometimes it brings about unnecessary competition with yourself and others perceived to be in the same field.
  • Sometimes it leads to inferiority complex i.e.: the feeling that you are better than the rest when literarily, we all are just doing time and someday will be gone.
  • Sometimes, it makes you break friendly bonds because there’s a constant drive to achieve 100% and any form of friendly cuddle-ups may seem a distraction.
  • Sometimes, it makes one to lose his/her mind because once you reach a goal, you may likely not feel you’ve accomplished something worthwhile, therefore belittling the feat and thirst for more.
  • Sometimes, it is makes you feel like the winner and on top of the world, but we fail to forget that nothing lasts forever, except time.
  • Sometimes, it makes you become obsessed such that it has to be You! You! And You! To make anything happen; so therefore making one sometimes opposed to collaboration with others.
  • Sometimes, it makes one feel inhuman and lose the essence of enjoying every phase in life.

I wouldn’t say being perfect isn’t in its own way majorly a bad thing, but it leaves me to wonder, what do we live for in life?
  • we build > we destroy
  • we love > we hate
  • we cry > we laugh
  • we run > we crawl
  • we fly > we walk
  • we live > we die
  • we need > we are satisfied
  • we rise > we fall
  • we sow > we harvest
  • we practice > we are less inspired
  • we are chosen > we are not selected
  • we are happy > we are depressed
  • we are young > we grow old
  • we are technical > we are theoretical
  • we are fat > we are slim

It means not everything remains the same, because for every present stage in our lives; there was once a previous version.

So rather than pursuing perfection, go with the flow and try to be better than before in life.

You may wonder why am I choosing “being better” as it may also imply PERFECTION?


After Stacey had made a name for herself, globally, there was something eating deep in her life. Something worse than a disease or itself is a disease. She became lonely. Her quest for gaining status by being perfect in everything she worked on; had worked on the one side but left a lot of vacuum on the other side. She lost friends, fond memories and sometimes the challenge that drove her to wanting to be perfect.

Then she lent about giving back to the society, learning to build playful relationships rather than work/business, learning to fall and make mistakes was something new for her but she soon found out, it was all part of life.

“If we don’t fall, there won’t be a challenge to rise” she said to herself. By so doing, she became loved by herself because it opened her more to people who were going through one pain or the other because of interaction.

Bear in mind, Stacey’s form of interaction in her previous stage was all about getting it 100% and if you weren’t in that category, you had no value to her.

In conclusion, a better you helps you to learn, a perfect you makes you feel you know it all and no one out there, has what you feel only you has.

A better you makes you remember to laugh because you are bound to make mistakes, but a perfect you makes you rigid.

Always be a better version of you, Live, Learn, Love and be in competition with no one, including yourself!


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