The Love Doctor

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Part 3(disaster)


I arrived at the club, Joe was sitting at the reception, I approached him 
"Joe is everything alright ?",I asked, maybe he can say, I just wanted to hang out with you .

"Sam thought you said you were on a getaway weekend with MJ? " he asked 
I was kind of confused cos I didn't know what to tell him,should I tell him that I proposed to her yesterday  or we had an amazing night then she asked me to drop her off. 

"Joe is a long story " I finally said 

"you might need this,for what I'm about to tell you "he handed me a cup of coffee ,I kept it on the table 

" what's that? " I asked with all seriousness 

"I was playing table tennis with some guys then I saw MJ walked in with some guy, I know she didn't see me cos if she did she would have probably walked up to me and try to convince me that I shouldn't tell you or it's not what I think"  he said looking straight into my eyes, like the night my dad told me my mother wasn't coming back again. 

"which MJ ?", I asked, not I didn't know it was my MJ ,but I wanted him to say it wasn't 

"your MJ of co's ,I needed to tell  you cos you are my good friend and I knew that girl was up to no use  " said and collected the coffee to sip it. 
,I was speechless for a minute, I  brought our my phone to call her, it rang

"hey babe,"I stammered ,I was scared and hurt, like tears wanted to roll down my eyes ,but I'm a man, I had to be strong 

"Sam,? " she answered ,why did she call me Sam, what happened to babe? 

"where are you ?", I asked 

"I'm at home " she answered 

"alright I'm coming to pick you to we can go see my dad" I said, Joe was just observing everything like I didn't believe him or try to prove him wrong 

"no Sam, we didn't discuss about this and besides I'm busy ", she said, I was surprised, Joe was right ,immediately I saw a dark tall guy, well built, he came down stairs to the reception and  told the girl that he ordered for a wine and haven't received it for the past 20mins and that was MJ's favorite wine. 

"that's the guy I saw with her,"Joe whispered ,I didn't know what came over me, I followed the guy upstairs he wasn't aware I was following him, immediately he opened the door I held the door before he could turn, I pushed him aside and entered the room, I saw MJ only in her panties on the bed,i stood there frozen for a minute ,my eyes went straight to her finger there was no ring  she probably removed it , she looked at me with shocked, the guy came on to me.

"dude what the f**k?", he asked I gave him a blow on his face .,"that is for sleeping with my fiancee " I said, I have never been brave my whole life,but when it comes to things that belonged to me, I never joke with them,before I knew what was happening he bounced on me ,he was very strong, he beat me mercilessly ,I had fat not muscles, I was lying helplessly on the floor 

" what did you even see in this fat man? ",I heard him ask MJ

"you couldn't have beaten him like that lets go "she said as they left, I felt terrible, I couldn't even defend my honor as a man.., few minutes later Joe came  in and helped me up, I told him we should go to the bar, he insisted I went to the hospital  to make sure I didn't have any serious injuries, my whole body was in pains..

When we arrived at the hospital, it wasn't very busy, maybe because it was Saturday,after the necessary payments the nurse told me to sit in a room that someone would attend to me ,Joe waited outside for me 

As I was waiting , the door opened  ,a tall, beautiful, not very fair lady walked in she was wearing scrubs but had no stethoscope 

She dropped the file on the table. 

"Mr Sam what happened to you? ",she asked, her voice was little thick and deep but was sweet to listen to 

"are the doctor ?" I asked 

"am not a doctor " she answered 

" are u the nurse? "I asked again 

" am not a nurse? " she answered, at this point 
I was pissed ,." so what  are you then ?" I asked furiously 

"please Mr you need to keep your voice down, this is a hospital "she said calmly 

"well I can't keep calm when they send in a hospital cleaner to treat me " I finally said, I didnt know why I said  that, I regretted saying it maybe because I was angry 

"so you think is only doctors and nurses that work in hospitals?", she asked, she picked up the phone in the room ,"hello can you come to the attendance room "she said, and started writing some things in the file 

Immediately a man in scrubs, he wasn't wearing stethoscope too, cos I know doctors and nurses wear those things all the time even in non -office  hours  like without the stethoscope people won't know their real professions  ,he came in, "I can't take this patient anymore cos I just lost  it " she said ,handed him the files  and left the room. 

"I'm sorry " he said 

"if she is not a doctor or a nurse what is she then ?" I asked ,I was curious I wanted to know 

"well she is a radiographer, we Examine with X-ray  " he said , how stupid I was ,I won't blame myself today was very bad for me.. 
"alright, please tell her I'm sorry for me " I said 

" you can tell her your self when we are done ,so let's  start ,what happened to you?", he asked, I started explaining, and after everything he took me to a room for examination, I was just thinking of how to apologize to the lady.



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