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Part 2 ( clueless) 


I arrived at the restaurant, it started raining, I ran from the car park, when I got inside, was a little drenched, I saw MJ sitting and an end, she waved at me, I waved back with a smile, I touched my pocket to make sure the ring was still in there,i walked towards her, I felt on top of the world ,Like that feeling when u win a trophy and everyone is cheering your name.. 
"hey babe,what happened to you"MJ said as she got up to give me a warm hug,i felt her perfect breasts press against my chest 

"it's raining, so I was unlucky "I said holding her hands 
"oh!, my poor baby "she said as we sat together Opposite each other ,the waiter approached and gave us the menu ,MJ was going through it with a smile on her face, she was glowing, it was different this time, I wanted to just get on one knee to propose, but now I wish I planned it ,like music and stuffs ,putting the ring in her plate, I wanted to get her a car, then write "will you marry me on it" , but the diamond on the ring worth more than the car, the waiter took our orders. 

"MJ there's something I want to ask you"i said nervously

she looked at me with that, "what is happening?" look 
I moved towards her ,knelt with a knee, brought out the box from my pocket, suddenly everyone's attention was on us,some brought our their phones to capture the moment, I opened the box the diamond was very shiny ,she was surprised. 

"MJ I don't want to talk much, you make me very happy and my life complete ,and I want it to stay forever that way"i said while looking into her beautiful eyes 
"will you marry me? " I asked
She was silent for a while, she looked at me with disappointment ,my heart sank , those capturing it were like "say yes MJ", "wow the ring is beautiful "...
Immediately MJ nodded "I'll marry you "she said with a smile, I put the ring on her finger, stood up and hugged her, the people there gave us an applause ,I was relieved, Happy but sad at the same time, something was missing it doesn't feel right ..

On our way home, she told me she loved the ring, that I should drop her off at her place that her roommate needed her and it was important,i had no other choice although I tried to convince her that it was our 2nd anniversary and we should spend the night together, she insisted I dropped her.. 

When I got home, I logged in to my Facebook account to change some things in my bio like  "Engaged to mary-joy  ",  I felt happy about that, but I when I got to her page on Facebook, I noticed she never posted pictures of us together not to talk of me, the last time I visited her page, was on my birthday ,which she posted my picture, that is the only picture of me on her page, but on my page I have her pictures everywhere, although that doesn't determine if someone is really into you,maybe the person is trying to protect you or not proud of you, I felt bitter, I got to my bar and grabbed a bottle of wine ,sat down and watched soccer ,well I couldn't cry myself to sleep and she didn't give me a call.. Well all I can say is that I'm proudly engaged to a very beautiful woman.

It was Saturday morning I normally play table tennis with Joe but since I told him I was going to be busy this weekend, there was no point calling him to know that my weekend getaway with MJ failed .., well I needed to visit my dad and tell him the good news , I ate a bowl of cereal with fried egg and bread, showered and headed off to visit my dad, he's been asking to meet MJ but I'm being reluctant and procrastinating about it cos the girl I  used to date had an affair with my father and continued while we were dating, not that I don't trust MJ, but I don't want to take chances .

I reached my father's house, nothing much has changed the last time I was there,..i waited in his sitting room, when he finally came, we exchanged pleasantries ..

"dad I'm Engaged " I said excitedly 
"wow!, that's goodnews ,but I haven't seen this girl, hope she is beautiful? "he asked 

"Beautiful is an understatement ,she's an angel "I said and pictured the naked body of MJ lying on my bed.. 

"so when will I get to meet her, after your wedding?, I told you what happened between simi and I was a mistake  " he said as he walked towards his bar and brought a bottle of whiskey, two glasses and placed them on the table between us.. 

" dad MJ is always busy, but I promise you will meet her before the introduction " I said.. 

"okay, here's a drink, I'll be going to play golf with my friends soon,",he said while he offered me a glass of whiskey.. 

My phone rang "hello Joe, how are you? " I was surprised he called, did he See Me driving here 

"Dude where are you?" he asked 
"with my dad "I answered, I didn't want to lie to him cos it was of no use 

"I'm at the county club house, you need to come now  !"he said, he was sounding angry 

I hoped  all was well ,I told my father that I needed to go, I left immediately, and also I wished  Joe wasn't in any kind of trouble .


Part 3 coming soon, 


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