The Love Doctor

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A hopeless romantic Sam after numerous Heartbreaks  because of his looks decides to take hold of himself and realized he has the potential to help people with their love lives but doesn't believe  in love again ,.what happens when love comes knocking ...

Part 1 ( in the beginning) 

"Hey my name is Sam and here is my story "

I just got a job as an accountant in one of biggest city ,feeling so lucky that at the age of 26 I had my own apartment and a car, well I won't say my dad had nothing to do with it, but he just contributed little and I know my mother wherever she is would be very proud of me, although I haven't laid my eyes on her since my 10th birthday ,dad said she went to get me a birthday cake ,I didn't see her or the birthday cake till now, but I hope I'll see her one day .

"hey Sam " 

"hey joe", I said with a smile ,while he sat on my table at the office ,.joe is my very close buddy, well I can't say he is my best friend because he doesn't know everything about me, but he is something close to that, I only had a best friend when I was in secondary school, his name was Jim he was chubby like me so we kind of rolled together ,but we lost contact after secondary school cos he was moving abroad with his folks, then in the University I made few distant friends and focused more on my grades cos none wanted to roll with the chubby guy on campus , well I was not a virgin before I entered the University ,back in primary school some girls allowed me to touch their little breasts, it wasn't exciting me but I was just happy that I was touching them, then when I entered secondary I had sex when I was in ss1 about 15years , I can remember ,I was a boarder and she was a day student, her name was lexy ,she was very slim not that pretty anyways a guy like me don't deserve pretty girls and she made the first move I was a the tuck shop during break time, she walked up to me and requested I buy donuts for her, it was an honor for me to buy it, as we walked to the classroom together 
She complimented me and asked if I can visit her at home that she'll help me sneak out ,that I was a very nice guy ,well I couldn't resist such offer.
The day I went to her house, she asked me I shouldn't forget to get donuts for her, well before I went to her house I practically became her" break time sponsor".i reached the address she gave me on my school uniform , I knocked on the gate ,an elderly man opened the gate, he must be their gateman because he looked nothing like the owner of the house. 
"good afternoon sir " I greeted 
"yes may I help you" he responded gently 
"I'm looking for lexy" I said, waiting to hear "come in"
"there's nobody named Lexi here" he said he seemed surprised maybe he recognized my school uniform and it looked familiar 
"Jeff let him in" I heard coming from inside, that must be lexy 
"Kris your dad said none should come inside this compound " Jeff said

"come on Jeff, he is just my classmate and besides he'll help me out in my homework, don't worry I'll give u some money "she said , Jeff let me in, the house was very beautiful, but ours was still better, I went inside and gave her the donuts I bought for her she was very excited ,she took me to her room, asked me to sit on her bed, then she asked me what I wanted to do, I asked her if she had any movies, she brought our her laptop we laid on her bed and watched a movie ,while we were watching ,the couple in the movie were seriously making out..i didn't know what to do, I felt like putting my hands allover my face,but was shy to, lexy 's eyes were glued to the screen, she turned and caught me staring at her ,she smiled and kissed me, I was shocked but happy as well,i didn't want to Disappoint her I had to reciprocate the kiss,she put her tongue in my mouth, I sucked her tongue, her lips, I wanted to touch her small breast but I was scared she might not like it, as fate would have it she took my hand and placed it on her breast, it was just like holding a small orange ,I leaned and put my mouth on her nipple ,it was tiny and hard, she mourned silently ,my mouth was on her breast while the other hand was on the other breast the rest was history ,lexy enjoyed every inch of what I gave her ,she had to come ontop of me cos I felt I would suffocate her if I was on top, after we had our shower we laid on her bed, I asked her why the gateman called her Kris, she told me that lexy wasn't her real name that she didn't what everyone in school calling her a boy's name,.. I totally understood ,she was being open to me, I felt a connection with her, then I asked her out she turned me down, now I know why, but ever since then we had mad sex but lost contact after school ,then had little or no intimacy with anyone in the university. 

"hey man, today is 2nd anniversary with MJ saw it on facebook "he said 

"ofcos how can I forget, I have planned out something special for us,we going for a getaway tomorrow, I already took a sick leave "I said excitedly 
"well that's cool, but don't u think its a little too much ,dude u spend way too much on this girl " he said as he sat on a chair 

"this is not any girl Joe, this is MJ my girlfriend, someone I would marry someday, she is a very beautiful girl with a very nice shape and dating a guy like me "I said 

"listen to yourself Sam, how sure are u this girl doesn't love your money not u " he said, what he said hit me so hard .

" I have to go Joe, see you next week cos I'll probably be busy this weekend with my girlfriend soon to be my fiancee " I said with confidence ,I wanted to say more, like the fact he was jealous of me that I had a girlfriend and he doesn't but Joe was the opposite of me, not that he can't have maybe he doesn't want to have..

As I was on my way home ,I was thinking of what Joe said, about MJ not loving me, I seems so hard to believe, she gives me her time, her body what else, well MJ was nothing like Elsa the girl I dated before MJ, she just broke up with me, without a reason and I bought this girl a car on her birthday.. 
Anyways that's in the past, I need to know and find out if MJ loves me,...

I got home took a shower, wore her favorite shirt and asked her to meet me in a restaurant, I bought a diamond ring day before yesterday ,I didn't tell Joe cos he might discourage me, so I wanted to surprise MJ ,cos last week I saw her how she was very excited when the the guy sitting next to us at the cinema proposed to his girlfriend, and I think she is ready, come on we have been dating for 2years ,Just little fights and we make up, I put the ring in my pocket and drove to the restaurant to meet MJ


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