THE MURK VISIT Awele searched frantically

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Awele searched frantically for her phone, the knocks were getting harder and intense, it was pitch dark thanks to the annoying epileptic power supply at Ekosodin, a community in the University of Benin, with too many hostels, it was referred to as "off K".
"Awele..... Help me, help me please!!
"Who.. Who is that? She managed to find her voice and scurried to the door, the voice sounded familiar and distraught too, Cynthia her next door house mate must be in distress. Fingers shaking, she opened the door.
Cynthia was accompanied by a masked man, he pushed Awele onto the bed, confused and frightened, she tried to put up a fight. What did he want? Heart thumping hard,she forced her nails into his neck aiming for his jugular, and made an attempt to remove his mask, she received a hard blow on her head. Awele screamed..
The environment of Lerd Medical centre was really unfamiliar, Awele woke up feeling very light headed, she squinted trying to get a clearer view of her mum, Mrs Osadolor, elder sister, Jemima and brother in-law, Dr Wale.
There were a few bruises on her head, breasts and her vagina hurt so bad, she had been terribly injured.
Cynthia had put a call across to Awele's mum, when she found her lying helplessly on her bed,  she felt really terrible, having to act as the bait used by the masked man to get into Awele's room.
Awele had been knocked out, drugged with ketamine and raped, the  doctor revealed that after series of tests and examinations.
Police investigations began in earnest, Mrs Osadolor won't let things lie low.
" That bastard must be brought to book" Jemima yelled in anger. 
Clifford, Awele's ex was top on the list of prime suspects, they both had parted ways when things went down south, Awele refused to give in to his insatiable sexual pleas, Clifford had made several suspicious attempts on several occasions, since he couldn't have his way, he had to employ desperate measures.
"Why would Cliff do this to me?" Awele wept uncontrollably.
"I'm so sorry Awele, I'm still baffled, I mean how did he get hold of that substance, its not even an over the counter drug, but its OK, I'm glad the police have him, he'll explain better" Wale said trying to comfort her
"Isn't he a thief?! He is!"
"Calm down love, please" Dr Wale wrapped his arms around Jemima's shoulder.
Clifford sat across the table in the private investigation room, his eyes were bloodshot, the bruises on his face were bold and scary.
"You're a pathological liar Mr Man" Inspector Bala thundered. "95% of the perpetrators of rape acts are family, friends and acquaintances you know"
"Sir, I swear.... I..." Clifford stuttered, he was too weak for words.
Awele walked into the room, she had been discharged, hands placed on the table, she gave him a long pungent stare, tears welling up in her eyes.
Clifford was mute.
The door knob turned opened slowly, Awele went over to pack a few things, it felt like the apartment was haunted, though she couldn't get a strong hold on what happened, so long it all happened there.
She had obliged to staying with her family for a period of time, the trauma was hard to deal with on her own, she needed all the support she could get.   She raised her duvet in a bid to arrange her bed and pack up a few things, and she heard a tinkling sound, it was a piece of jewelry, she picked it up, a necklace with a pendant to it, she opened the locket.. There was a picture of Dr Wale and Jemimah her sister, the necklace was a gift from Jemimah to Wale on his first birthday as a married man.
No way! Awele felt her legs wobble, the necklace had fallen off the one time she tried to put up a fight before passing out, the ketamine too, that explained it. Wale!!

It all started to make sense, Wale had been really fond of Awele, and with all the curves in the right places, which man would ignore her? She was way prettier than her sister, Jemima.
Mrs Osadolor, Awele's mum always raised an eyebrow anytime Wale was around Awele, something just didn't feel right.
"Mum, stop being paranoid please, Wale is just like a brother Awele never had,  besides I know who I married" Jemimah always tried to clear her mum's suspicion.
Awele's discomfort heightened when Wale winked at her from across the table during lunch on New Year's day, but she waved it aside, it didn't matter. After the meal, when they were alone, he whispered to her ears 
"don't worry I'll visit you soon"
"Better visit with your hands full, I trust you though" Awele had replied after a hearty laughter.
Finally, she had connected the dots, the signs were very clear, why did she ignore them all along? How will she tell Jemimah and her mum? The bastard is roaming the streets a free man and she's dealing with so much physical and psychological trauma.
"Wale, you're a monster, and you'll pay!!" She screamed and heard her voice reverberate.

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