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Hi Zitarians,

It’s a wonderful day today and I would love to shed some light on today’s topic. Do you know that in relationships, a lot of the reasons why some don’t work is also because a woman doesn’t know how or when to keep shut. We are not talking about cheating today; you can visit my previous post on that to learn more. Today is all about how running your mouth can affect your relationship with your spouse/partner.

A friend of mine told me her story which she permitted me to share here and I hope we all learn from it.

She is married to an amazing man but they are both hot headed. You understand when it feels like there’s a power struggle in the house, most times this happens unconsciously but it happens either way. She had a fight with her husband and was so furious, she began insulting him. It was so bad that she told him she regretted marrying him, even though she didn’t mean it but she was so blinded by rage and she said so many hurtful things to her husband. Now when she became calm, she realised her mistake and decided to ask for forgiveness. Mind you, all the while she kept reigning insults on her husband he kept mute, he never uttered a word. I guess he was shocked and hurt by all the insults that came out from his wife’s mouth. The lady having realised what she did went to beg but the husband wasn’t having any of that, he was too hurt she could see hate in his eyes.

He removed his ring and decided to make the decision of ending their marriage. The woman was devastated and didn’t know what to do, she kept begging but it was of no use, she can’t take back all that was said.

My advice is that women should learn to be patient; a good man is hard to find but when you do find such man, hold him tight. Learn to respect your man. Ensure you control your anger, communication is essential for a relationship to work. Never talk down to your man, never! You are killing his ego and that is a man’s pride. No matter how hurt you are by him, always try to control your temper, it never does you any good. When you see the argument going sideways, stop! And keep your mouth shut, don’t say things you can’t take back or you will definitely regret.

If your man doesn’t know how to respect you, teach him. If he’s not as romantic as you want then take up the mantle, believe me he will follow suit. Never speak ill of your man either behind closed doors or in public.

I hope the man in question forgives his wife and learn to move on…

Remember, love conquers all and time heals all wounds.

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Hope this helps someone out there. I’m here to listen…



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