A 9ja 5th grader

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I had to fake it up, lie about my whole identity. I was tired of being laughed at for not being rich. I had to research on TV , newspapers even from my school mates gisting on how rich people roll. Imagine if I put this same determination into my academics.

I stole money from Mammi's wrapper so that I could buy sneakers, a shoe that was invoked. The shoe that she bought for me looked like I stole it from a mad man, at least according to Jasmine one of the richest kids in my school. That's not what I honestly thought sha, but I gats fit in. The kind school, I detested. It was full of rich kids, spoilt brats I couldn't compete with.  
"My mom is a business woman, she got the sneakers from  Dubai.", I said proudly. I did not even allow anyone to ask me. Jasmine came to inspect my shoes, she looked at it sternly. "It's a fake, Aba made. This brand of sneakers are made in Singapore not in Dubai. But it fits you sha".

A smile grew on my face. It was as if I did not hear all the stroking she gave me. The only thing I heard was It fits you.  The first kind word which was spoken to me by Jasmine. It was as if I worshiped her. 

The whole lying about my standard of living got me a lot of friends but nemesis caught up with me very quickly. 

One day I intentionally forgot my lunch at home. I could not allow my new found friends to see beans and garri in my lunch box, that would be falling of hands. I stole money from Mammi's wrapper, Mammi never counted her money. 
I was gisting with my friends only to hear that a woman was looking for Anietie.  I went to meet my mother, she brought my lunch, she taught I forgot at home.  She wore a top and wrapper with bathroom slippers, she had a rosary on her neck.

She left immediately for her shop in the market. I thank God she did not notice the sneakers I was wearing. The only palava was my friends. What would I tell them?

 My classmates watched as she left the door. They all ran to the window to see her leave the school and shout for a bus. After she left, the all faced me. "I thought your mom drives a corolla. She looks like a market woman.", Jasmine said. " Yh she does. That's not my mom guys, its my aunty. My mom and dad just had their anniversary and they are celebrating it in Paris. The city of Romance you know. So my aunty, brought lunch. She is kinda villagy." , I said with amazement of what I could say.
"I swear I heard you call her Mammi.", Ruth said. I thanked my stars we were interrupted by our class teacher. It was time for our first lesson. As our teacher taught, the head mistress came in. It was obviously for school fees..............


Stay tuned for the next episode.....

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