But master! At the end of it all, we all have one place to go

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Hello everyone, let’s read a short fictional story but realistic in the actual sense of it.

There are three characters being portrayed, Ryan, Anderson & Thomas.

Each of them has traits that have helped us describe their everyday life with this write-up.

Saying Ryan was born with a silver-spoon may be an understatement or perhaps it’s best to say he was born with a diamond cutlery. Suave, stylish, doesn’t need to sweat to make a move over anything and everything, tons of connections here and there, the ladies’ man (engaged a few times but the ladies just couldn’t keep up with the fact that he’s such a magnet when it comes to women), has the latest flee of automobiles, travels around the world etc.

This is the good life, which most of us desire. It does come at a price (some may say); maybe Ryan was an excellent high-flyer while in school which led him to a good job and a fast rise in position or maybe it’s the fact that from birth, the wealth was already there etc.

…So, while it’s good to imagine the “Ryan” in our lives, some of us fail to remember one thing. “There’s a Master, who sees and knows it all”.

Anderson is the hardworking, meticulous and manageable kind of guy. Not as wealthy as Ryan is and perhaps we may measure Anderson’s wealth as one-sixteenth of Ryan’s monthly spend.

Anderson doesn’t travel around the world and is the type that believes in saving properly in other to sustain himself and probably the folks around him. Anderson’s ability to look suave comes at a very huge risk as it may mean him not able to feed for the next “two-weeks” if he tried it.

If we picture Anderson as a firm prayer person, one may likely say Anderson’s prayers will be focused on getting wealthy!

One thing we can assume about Anderson though is that he is fairly contented with what he has and always zealous as to having what a “Ryan” has.

…Not many of us reading about Anderson want to be like him and possibly refer to him as a “loser” in life compared to Ryan but “There’s a Master, who sees and knows it all”.

If you read about Job in the Holy Bible, there was a time his possessions were taken away from him. Although that was Job being challenged by the devil to see if he will remain faithful, Thomas in this story is quite more unfortunate than Job (in the Bible) was.

Thomas doesn’t get to see food on a daily basis, has been put to shame countless times i.e.: evictions over unpaid house rent, can’t afford new shoes (almost seen about wearing the same clothes and patched shoe), politely begs for alms when he is at the point of almost feeling that his life isn’t worth living.

…I wouldn’t want to talk much about Thomas because I feel like crying over his situation but then again, NO ONE would ever want to be in this situation.


From the characters described, it portrays the rich, middle class and poor which exists in reality. Everything that happens is as result of time. There are some of us who would start slow, grow old then enjoy big (although for a little while). There are some who start off well and don’t have enough time to enjoy the LIFE.

However the case, there’s a Master who sees and knows it all and at the end of our time, we all have one place to go.

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