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June 16, 2014. 10 AM in the morning.
 Like any other day of campus, am walking down a crowded corridor with one of my friends headed for a lecture I wasn't planning on attending.
He is trying to make conversation; I shut him out.
Am deep in thought. Am composing the next article for my blog.
Suddenly, it strikes me that someone just touched me. I ignore. Then I hear someone calling out my name, and that's when I stop to check. They are already talking, and I still can't figure out where the voice is coming from. I make a total fool of myself and do a full 360o turn to check. By now I have already caused a scene, and I have the attention of everybody around me.
"Ooh hae," I reply while still struggling with my confusion.
A whole minute into the conversation is when I realize am standing face to face with a stranger. I am not in a socializing mood and so what comes to mind is playing the ‘have you met Ted" card (in his case Tom) of Barney Stinson. Turning my head slightly to the left I realize Tom is all smiley and having what seems like a fruitful conversation with Mercy, an old friend of mine. It's already getting awkward with my stranger so it occurs to me that asking her "how do these two know each other?" could break the silence. (Bad idea)
She clicks and starts to walk away from me. I run a quick search through my brain and find no reason to follow her, but I decide to do it simply because that's what they do in movies. Am sure she can notice my rapid foot steps behind her, but she won't stop and am thinking to myself "did I watch the wrong movie?". I start to slow down. That one she notices, moments later she stops for a second then turns around. Her right hand on her hand bag and her left on her waist and her head slightly tilted to the left I bet she learned that from the movies too. She does one of those facial expressions I have trouble understanding then looks me straight in the eye and asks "what now!?"
I am clueless about so many things like why she is mad at me leave alone why she was talking to me in the first place. That way, am having a hard time holding in the thousand and one questions running through my head but amongst them is a soft sober voice saying " this is where you let her talk. Without saying a word." I follow that one. A minute later we are still staring at each other, and she hasn't said a word. I whisper back to my little voice "you too watched the wrong movie." I take my eyes off her face and start to crawl them down her body. I notice her silver chain, an expensive bracelet and need I say her curvaceous body carefully tucked up into a well cut blue jeans trouser that was so perfectly wrapped up in a light brown pair of high heeled leather boots. I am so caught up at the moment I don't notice she was watching me get lost in the realm of her beauty the whole time but the delicate smile on her face assured me she wasn't against it.
By now mercy and Tom have already finished their chit chat and what brings me back to the real world is a rudely interrupting bellow from Mercy saying  "hey, twende" ( hey, let's go). The stranger looks at me as if trying not to disappoint me then comes towards me and gives me a rushed hug. She slides off me before I could get my arms off her and I am left there glued to the ground my arms still dangling midway in the air. She joins her friend Mercy who was already two steps ahead, and they both start to walk away. I watch their hips sway randomly at first then sync into a sweet rhythmic pattern. It is so perfect it makes me think they had been practicing that walk together and had spared it for that particular moment, just to piss me off. After some steps she turns back to check on me, I am still standing in the same spot she left me. I lift my right hand lazily to make a slight wave as if trying to say "I don't even know your name yet" but the words don't quite come out. I put myself together and rush to catch up with Tom who is already breaking his limbs in laughter.
This story remained forgotten until late last week. It was late in the night we were lying lazily in bed with my girlfriend after a long late night walk which was supposed to constitute our first anniversary. I was going through my phone when I came across an image I had downloaded from a WhatsApp group chat. I turned around to show her the image then whispered: "on our second anniversary, this is what am going to do to you." (Another bad idea)
"Really?" she asked.
"Why not?" I replied.
"You are an idiot, u know that?" she said.
"Well, am your idiot," I said with a slight chuckle.
"That's going to my calendar you better start practicing" she added.
"Okay," I said.
I turned around to face the ceiling and continued to scroll my phone. "Wait, what if we forget our second anniversary?" she asked in a peculiarly low tone.        
"Am not going to forget our anniversary sweetie," I assured her.
"I mean, what if something happens, just anything, and we can't celebrate our second anniversary?"
"Then we will do it on our third anni..."
Before I could finish speaking she climbed on me and sat astride my waist. I knew she was determined because she seemed to ignore the fact that she had made me drop my phone to the floor and spill the fruit juice I was drinking on her white sheets. I could feel the warmth of her fleshy inner thighs on my laps. A look at her bare chest reminded me of how much I liked it when she did this to me, and I realized I brought myself into this and am never getting out. But I didn't want out; I wanted this to last forever. I loved her.
"Technically, this is our third anniversary." She said as she bent down to kiss me
"How?" I asked
"Our first actual meeting was three years ago on a day like today. We were with my friend Mercy on our way to the mall when we met you and Tom at the school gate. You mean you don't even remember how you made a fool of yourself by staring at me for a whole ten minutes without saying a word? At that time you were so sensitive, so innocent, so clueless and in some weird way I was attracted to that." She explained as she signaled me to take off my vest. I couldn't believe that Ann was that stranger. For her it was love at first sight for me, it was a weird encounter with a stranger I never got to see again.
"You looked like the guy who would love from the heart, and that's all I ever wanted," she said as she concluded her five minutes narration. I could now feel the disappointment in her voice. She got off me picked up my phone and handed it over to me. She put her robe back on then lay silently on the bed facing the wall.
"But we didn't meet again let alone date until late last year?" I asked
"For you, yeah. But for me, it was always you. I was in love with you from the beginning, I tried to show it, but you were just too damn to see it."
"And that's why you call me an idiot..." I asked.
"Basically yes" she replied with a nod.
This was when I realized that we had only dated for seven months and she had manipulated the date of our anniversary to the day she fell in love with me, and it made her sad that I didn't notice.
She pulled up the sheets to cover herself and started to sob.
I moved closer to her, interlocked my fingers with hers, leaned over her ear and whispered "I know we have only been dating for seven months and this was not our first anniversary" this made her turn around to face me. She had a coy smile on her face and that way I knew I had her full attention. Then I said what any clueless man could have said: "I love you desperately you know that, right?"
"Shh… shut up," came her soft voice as she held her finger over my mouth.
The screen light on my phone was still on, and we found ourselves both looking at it. The same image was staring back at us as if calling for attention. We rose to our knees simultaneously as if responding to some unspoken command from an unseen master and started kissing.
She threw me back, and I fell on the bed face up, and before I could tell, she was spreading me out like butter on a piece of toast.
"Am not even hard," I said
She didn't say a word, she slid her hands into my boxers and started doing what she does best, I could tell she knew exactly what I liked.
"You know all the buttons, don't you?" I joked.
"Every single one of them," she said with a wink.
Minutes later we were soaked up in each other's sweat. She was shaking helplessly as the electric wave of orgasm cut through her after which she let out a final mourn then dropped helplessly in front of me.
We lay there looking into each other's eyes for a couple of minutes. Her hand is still grabbing my ass, and she is putting on a very sheepish, stupid smile.
"You make me cum so hard sometimes it's embarrassing," she says
"Am usually counting on it" I reply
She gives me a slight slap on my face then gets up, goes across the room butt naked and comes back with two glasses of water. She hands one to me and jokes "why do you need me if you are capable of bending that far" "Because I now need to see a doctor, you just gave me a pelvic injury" I replied.
"No, Your idiot."
Another slap to my face follows then two minutes of silence after which she gives me a plain stare, curls up, lays her head on my chest and slowly starts to fall asleep but before she could catch a nap, I interrupt, "Wait wait. How did we meet the second time?"  She sighs disappointedly then starts to explain.

"October 22nd, 2016. One sunny lazy afternoon.
Am alone in my room. Am just from the shower, so I ain't even dressed up yet ....". ***to be continued***


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