The New Movement Of African Bloggers - Telling The Untold Story of Africa

by on Jul 6, 2017 - 1 min read
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There are billions of African stories that are yet to be told. At Nircle, we are changing the lenses through which people see Africa, by giving the voices back to Africans to share insights into their passions, knowledge to help others discover the richness in Africa.

As Africans, we are very diverse in nature! Africans have maintain relationships with family, some of us are great listeners, while others are great conversationalists.  Sometimes we don't agree with one another, yet, we could spend long hours sitting and chatting towards resolutions.  Some countries in Africa are known for elaborate weddings, one of the ever trending topics in Africa is braiding and hairstyling. We are storytellers, great cooks, and well educated too. There is much to learn about Africans and about our continent and we'd love you to jump on the Nircle ride to start sharing stories too.

Meet the Top Bloggers of the month of July, who are educating others about Africa through their blogs.

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