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Good day my lovers for days,

Am sorry this post is coming in a day or two late indeed it was a busy week last week with lack of light and internet being one of the major problems we face here everyday #lol. I had to take the bull by the horn and make sure i put down this post today because consistency is key for a dreamer like me.

Am sure our journey in life hasnt been much of a fairytale especially for does of us that grew up in african homes #wink... but in all it has made us who we are today and we should be thankful to God for that.

   For so long i have dreamt of putting into action my passion for fashion, arts, architecture and style and finally 2017 gave me a reason to put my fears aside and go out of my comfort zone to put my thoughts and words into action. writing isnt really my thing so please you all should bear with me and my epistle for a while. Am still working on my pictures for this blog because i want the pictures to speak for me and themselves (i pray it would be mind blowing tho #lol).



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