The Complete Story of How i Met Ore (The Whole Truth)

by on Apr 2, 2017 - 7 min read
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So i'm sure y'all aware of the viral story that went around various social media.Well let me give you a break down of all that happened.

So i got to know ore via twitter ,i was busy strolling on my timeline when i noticed her tweets for the first time,she said she needed help with a yoruba assignment she was given in school.Before responding to her tweets i decided to check her avartar to determine how cute she is ,and i was well suprised at how gorgeous she i replied her tweet telling her i could help with the assignment on the condition that she gives me her number,so she replied by saying i should just help her without getting her number (typical nigerian girl).

So i decided to slide into her dms to ask for her number ,and she told me she couldn't just give it to me like that,and that we should get to know each other first. So i started off by telling her my name and where i school,what i do for fun and all that.And she did the same also,so eventually i asked for her number and she gave it to me,i was so happy i literally started dancing .so i called her ,and best belive me when i say she has the best voice i've ever heard.We got talking on whatsapp and we got pretty close really.

So during the whole getting to know each other phase,i told her i had feelings for her and i would love to take her out on a date,and she laughed and said yes.So i asked her where she would love me to take her to and she said told me to pick the venue ,i later disturbed her to pick a venue for the date and she said we should both watch a movie together.So we met up at the mall,and i got tickets to watch "HIDDEN FIGURES" BY TARAJI P HENSON. So while we where waiting for the movie to start ,we walked round the mall talking and laughing about random stuff.Then i told her to play a virtual reality game,so she agreed to play the game,and i patiently waited as i wastched her playing the game even though she acted all brave and all,i knew deep down she was scared af,i even recorded the whole event.So finally it was time to watch the movie and we decided to get snacks to go along with the movie.So i bought popcorn and coca-cola for myself and got her hotdog and a table water.So we proceeded to the cinema and we sat at the extreme end so we could have a private moment and all.So we sat down to watch the movie and i put my arms around her while we watched the movie.Even though i kept staring at her through out the whole movie.

She was too beautiful even though she wasn't on any make up ,i just couldn't resist looking at her beautiful face.So eventually the movie ended and we got out of the cinema and decided to get ice-cream ,and we took different flavours,needless to say she still ate out of my own.After finishing the ice-cream,it was getting late and she said she was going back home,so i esscorted her out of the mall and she got on a bike and went home.I eventually remained at the mall to chill at lattitude .So i hit her up to check wether she was home yet and she said yes and told me she had fun ,i also said the same.

So we kept chatting and talking ,and we decided to fix another date to meet and watch a movie.So this time we decided to watch 'BEAUTY AND THE BEAST" .This time we were more comfortable with each other and all was good ,so we just got the tickets and got into the cinema ,unfortunately the back sit was occupied so we really didn't have any choice than to sit in front and just chill.I found the movie boring but of course ore thought it was interesting.One funny thing happened tho,i forgot my bag containing my laptop at the film house cinema desk,so we both had to go outside to look for it,luckily it was still intact.So the movie ended and she said she had to in school for a photoshoot cause she's a photographer and all.So i hugged her goodbye and escorted her out of the mall.

So a few days later after the second date i called to check up on her and see how she was doing,and i told her i actually do have genuine feelings for her and i would really love for her to date me.So she told me to she just got out of a 5 year relationship and she wasn't ready yet to start dating. And i actually promised her that i would wait till she was ready .She actually told me if if she was ready to date that i stood a chance .But obviously i was impatient and i called her again later asking how she feels about dating me ,probably she was in bad mood,but she sounded kinda harsh over the phone,so right theere i lost my cool and cut the call,then i sent her a dm telling her to unfollow me back .

So after that i started ranting on twitter cause i was really annoyed and i felt i wasn't good enough for her,i really didn't expect her to even notice the tweets causse she's hardly online ,anyways she noticed the tweets and decided to make a wrng ccalculation of what i spent on the two dates and sent me back the money.Now i know you're all wondering how she got my account details .Well ore and i do joke a lot and during one of our convo i told her i was hungry ,and she asked what i wanted to eat and i said i wanted chicken,and she was like you go get chicken then,So i JOKINGLY gave her my account details asking her to help me with money,and she just laughed about it.

So after getting the credit alert ,i didn't even know it was from ore until i saw the tweet from her and also the screenshot attached .So the following morning i sent ore back her 5k and i sent a full apology to her on whatsapp and i tried calling her severally but obviously she was still annoyed about the whole isssue,Let me just make this clear I DIDN'T MEAN ANYTHING I TWEETED TO ORE.I was just annoyed and all i said was out of anger. I also didn't expect the whole tweet to like escalate to that level of going viral at all.But then it did,and i realized i was totally wrong and way out of line so i decided to make a full apology on twitter .

And just so you know ore and i are actually cool now.And i guess there's a silver linning in the whole story cause ore got.a lot of gifts and endorsements ,likewise me also.

And just to end this piece of story,i made a huge mistake and it would never repeat itself again.I also encourage other girls to be like ore and don't let nobody stunt on you cause of money .

Watch out for my next article coming up soon .STAY BLESSED

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