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A force exists. Of what is good, maybe even eternal, a forever feeling in its promise. It's there. And no one can move you from it. Why should they? We all have the ability to see the good in. It’s inherent in the form of knowledge of what's right and wrong. There is a certain build-up of character foundationed by this divide. But is not yours or mine, to build. It's already in process. It might be one, or a reflection of relation among. But it's still the same. That you have all it takes to determine what you see.

Vision is a capability. But most treat it as a role. One to be changed/ clothed, whenever we feel fit. To unsee and sometimes to overindulge in sight, to favor. It can turn biased. You have to be careful, being full of care to ensure you don't dupe yourself into an unlivable façade, lies. To whatever extent doesn't matter. Its its’ presence.  Which overshadows what it represents. No character. Or an over character that we all express in extremes to cover up our inabilities to live up to what we shamelessly mis-offer each other in the words we so often speak, to be kept. Revisited for reference as a score to be paid. Building that which is untrue. Bound to fumble, crawl, because that's all it can afford, to be low. Unworthy. Promises that were never meant to be interpreted as pledges, to be upheld. Just momentary short-sightedness, undiagnosed.

We are all partially blind to the lies, depths of hate we parade as misfortuned love, and judgments that cause social indifference building generated biased privilege. That some should be rightfully oblivious to their reign of emotional ruin, greed for all that breathes', to scotch under their manipulation. And all just to end up miserable, like the ones that have come before them and the ones who have gone through them. Most of it is bile, a representation of the ill intention our survival from birth has natured in us. A clear representation that, that what we see is familiar because it is a part of the history of normal we were accustomed to, by living and breathing. And all the despicable things people choose to do with their reach in-to other existing motions of energy, beings.

My words mean. Exactly what I want to express.  But you too have to see, for I cannot, for you. Sight reveals truth. What you are in no denial, to see. And it's not for you or anyone to chase after iniquities, but to realize that whatever you choose becomes empowered as a form to exist within your bounds. That that which you shut up, is like that that is unseen - a conscious sight to behold, with no reference of citing, by those it impacted. Silence, an erased presence.

Feeling free. Free, that my previously perceived notions of others’ inabilities, are no longer a hindrance. Allowing the power of self to determine now and to come, in my expression and choice. Inner truth, in all I experience and choose to be influenced and affected by. That only those who choose to go forward in abundance, surround me. Good intention. Not just seeing but envisioning better. My inner most desire to stop fantasizing of that that can only amount to half-ness.

 I want it all. All fullness of everything presented to me, balanced and real. As is.



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