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"So you were born blind"

"So I'm told" 

It is dark as usual, but my senses pick up motion. I can feel a figure pulling up. (I like to think sensations are my superpowers). The figure pulls up closer and closer, the air between us feels compressed. I catch the scent of perfume first- Burberry. I'd pick that up from any crowd- my second and last superpower. 

"Hi," she blurts.

Yes, it is a she. Even blind people know sexuality, that was wired in my brain by my creator. I like to imagine Him standing tall over a form that would be future me and saying "Let there be man and like all who came before him, grant him sexuality knowledge" 

I said hi back and extended my hand for a handshake. She had smooth skin and a very firm handshake, wow! 

"I'm Nancy by the way, Lincoln said I should talk to you" 

Lincoln is my boy from back in the days. Naughty as he was, he really teased me as a kid and excuses it these days for "growing my lifeskills".

"Nice name," I respond out of habit because I was taught to complement women in life. 

Turns out she wanted a story. She said she had a beautiful written voice and would phrase my words better than I could ever utter them myself. Wow! A firm handshaker*, wearing Burberry  and with such confidence... hmmm, now I want to pick that mind 

She read out a piece she claims motivated her "'There's a curious part of me I bury deep for fear of controversy that would like to ask a blind man to describe a beautiful woman. How is she defined by someone who doesn't look upon us with lust? What does beauty look like when it's felt and not seen?'

Then she continues to explain, "the writer in me couldn't overlook that rhetorical question. I closed my eyes and tried creating beauty out of nothing but still find myself drawing cute faces and curvy bodies. Now, that's where you come in... help me see in your darkness" 

This is a new one. No one has asked me this before. I decide to run my thoughts, see what she'll read through...

So i said, "Beauty is simply sexy worn in a truly beautiful personality. It takes a whole different kind of person to have the definite knowledge that i am blind and not punctuate all our interactions with that fact. My kind of a wild woman who would challenge me to stupid competitions like gulping down a hot drink rather than she who would offer to cool my drink and even direct my cup to my mouth. Tell me Nancy.... would you call that your kind of heated intimacy?" 

She chuckled. "I'm the one asking questions here" 

"That's what I thought." 

"What?" she asked in a slightly higher pitched sound. 

"Allow me to race you into a fantasy world" I said in what I like to believe was a mysterious voice, "If I was trying to charm you, the blind man's way, I'd first have you wear a blindfold. Being the blind with more years of experience, I'd teach you direction and be your guide... because at the end of the day, every man likes to show off a little bit... i hear that's impressive. I'd teach you braille and even play a set of braille cards with you. All this while, I'd engage you in conversation that would build up slowly till you feel easy talking out all your stupid ideas. At the end of it all, you'll probably leave with mental orgasms and probably want to see me again" 

Wow, smooooth right? Picturing all this in sequence, I knew I had my Romeo Juliet story.

"If i am going to let you write any of this, i want you to define a beautiful woman from a blind man's point of view. Who do you think is beautiful woman for me?" I asked her. 

"It is any woman you can truly connect with on a regular social point of view...????" She asked. As if desperately seeking my affirmation.

I broked into a laugh.

"What's funny," she asked

"The jokes in my head" and with that, I made her promise not to make blind men sound like they don't have any testosterone by admitting to the ultimate truth...that we also lust after women. This, i suspect, is Lincoln so called "lifeskills" talking. 

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