Black women waiting for validation

by on Aug 1, 2017 - 2 min read
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Dear black women you need to validate your own selves. You've given birth to and have carried nations. You've been apart of ground breaking liberation moments with little accolades, but your humility and strength allowed you to be the back bone of many black men who became the face of your joint efforts. 

More than anything you were born queens , having given birth to all nations that walk the earth ,you are power, magic and beauty all wrapped up in black diamonds. 

Do you know this ? Or are you asking black men to tell you? Do you know this or are you asking rap stars to feature you in their videos with nothing on , do you know this or are you pumping yourselves full bleaches that destroy your priceless gift of melanin . Do you know this or does your existence dissapear when you cross a women with less melanin than you. 

There's something about a woman who knows her worth, it's in her eyes, her walk, her talk and her all encompassing knowledge and acceptance of self. We can not wait on the world and black men to remind us, and that's the beauty of our creation the only person that can work on you IS YOU. 

You've been told and garnished with many poems , your powerful existence and youd priceless melanated skin yet it slides past your esteem , because we constantly looking outward for validation. Own your power, beauty and melanin , know it, and serve it! You can only experience what you exude , but it all starts with you . Validate your own self. Greatness always starts from within

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